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K3 Security can provide the help you need to uncover the truth about the activities that may be taking place on your home computer.  The internet doesn’t have to be an intimidating  place. With a little time we can uncover the truth to most online activities. No one wants to believe that there are bad things that can happen to them or their loved ones. When you suspect that there is a problem, don’t turn a blind eye to it, confront it with the proof that we can give you.

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Computer investigator can help protect children

K3 Security Specialzes in:

  • Identifying Online Infidelity
  • Stopping Child Predators
  • Finding Evidence of Pornography
  • Documenting Threats and Intimidation
  • Preserving Proof of Stalking and Harassment
  • Blocking Access to Adult Web Sites
  • Providing Expert Testimony in Court Cases
  • Recovering Lost or Deleted
  • Monitor E-Mail Correspondence
  • Retrieving Internet Chat Log
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Providing Expert Testimony in Court Cases

Online Infidelity

What do you do when you suspect a loved one of having an affair?  Do  you confront him or her with out any proof?  This can lead to  countless arguments that can lead to a separation that will tear a  family apart.
Are your loved ones surfing adult dating web sites?  Is there an  extraordinary amount of spending for gifts that you are not  receiving?  Is your spouse renting a storage unit that is being used  to house the items that he or she wants to keep for an upcoming  separation or divorce?  Have they opened a new bank account that you  don’t know about? You may not like the answers that I give you, but  you will know the truth.

With a comprehensive check of computer files, we track activities such as:

  • E-mail Activities
  • Online Chat Room Conversations
  • Websites That Have Been Visited
  • Suspicious Spending
  • Finding Passwords to Adult Web Sites

Infidelity, adultery, cheating, being unfaithful, having an affair Whatever you call it is likely to be the most painful thing that you  can go through.  Not knowing is just as painful.  Even the thought of  it is a hard concept for a person to accept.  Unfortunately, if you  suspect infidelity, it is usually happening.  Let K3 Security help  you get the proof you need. We can conduct a discrete investigation  that will give you the answers. Remember hope for the best and be  prepared for the worst. If the information that we find on your computer leads to you filing  for legal action, we can supply expert testimony that may help you  win your case and your custody battle.  Don’t go to court un-armed!

Are Your Kids Going to the Wrong Web Sites?

It’s a parent’s worst fear, finding out that your child has been  visiting web sites that adult predators are frequenting. Chat rooms  are a haven for online predators.  Are your children contact with a  child molester?  We can monitor your child’s activities and the web  sites that they visit without them knowing.  We can also find the  predators information for possible prosecution by law enforcement,  thus ending the threat to your child and possibly countless other  children. As a parent, you should be able to choose which web sites  your children visit.

Threatening Intimidation and Stalking

It’s a form of harassment.  If you or your loved ones are receiving  online messages that are scaring you or your family, find out who is  sending them and get law enforcement to help you.  You and your loved  ones don’t need to interact with these cowards. Get the police on the  case and have them prosecuted. We will provide the concrete proof  that you need to build a solid case.  You don’t have to be a victim!

Lost Files and Missing Passwords

If you have used a computer for any amount of time you have more then  likely lost a file or forgotten a password.  It happens, we are only  human. If this happens don’t panic, just give us a call. We  specialize in password and data recovery.

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